Camden Elementary School of the Creative Arts
Wed, Nov 26 - Fri, Nov 28
Thanksgiving Break
Wednesday, December 3
Chorus Kids Caroling
1/2 of Fourth Grade
9 am-12 pm
Small Talk with the Principal
5:30 in the library
Thursday, December 4
Chorus Kids Concert
With Strings, Recorders, and Dance!
6 pm in the multipurpose room
Friday, December 5
Chorus Kids Caroling
1/2 of Fourth Grade and 5th Grade 
9 am-12 pm
School Wide Writing
Mon, Dec 8 - Fri, Dec 12
Santa's Workshop
Tuesday, December 9
Zaxby's Night

Thursday, December 11
4th Grade Art Club Party & Show
2:30-3:30 pm
Monday, December 15
Faculty Meeting

From the Owls' Nest

Welcome November - its finally starting to feel like fall!   The first nine weeks is over, report cards have gone home and teachers have recognized their students achievements with ribbons, stickers and certificates.  We are also once again recognizing those students who have not been tardy to school with a Hooray for Me, Im Tardy-Free blow-pop.  Teachers have talked to their students about the importance of being on time to school and how to help parents in the morning to make sure they are not late.
I have been so impressed with how hard students and teachers have been working this year.  I am in and out of classrooms all day, and what I see taking place is remarkable!  Students are attentive and are working hard, putting forth their best effort.  Teachers are constantly searching for creative lessons to meet the varied needs of their students.  They are collaborating with each other as well as using our reading coach, Mrs. Sara Fakoury, as a resource.  Mrs. Fakoury is a tremendous asset to our staff and we are all excited about the wealth of knowledge, creative ideas and the accumulation of valuable resources she brings to our staff!
Thank you for all your help and remember that 
Together We Make The Difference !

Carol Przybyla, Principal

Daily Announcements

Veterans Day Slideshow
Mrs. Cantey's twin sister created a wonderful slide show for us of photos of the Veterans Day program.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!  Click on "Post" to go directly to the video.

CEP Newsflash

Shop at Target?

Did you know Target has a program called Take Charge of Education?

Enroll your Target REDcard(s) which include Target Debit Card, Target Credit Card or Target Visa Credit Card and 1% of all your purchases will be donated to Camden Elementary.  Simply go to   or call 1-800-394-1829 to select Camden Elementary as your school of choice.  Our School ID# is 92846.

Amazon Smile
Below is the link for the Amazon Smile program. When you use the Amazon Smile program to make purchases, Amazon will donate .5% of eligible purchases to the charitable organization you select. Please select Camden Primary Partners as your charitable organization.

Amazon Smile works with your Amazon Prime benefits if you are a member of that program, too!  


Thank you in advance for your support!

Computer Lab News
Our 3rd-5th grade students are starting to work on their Black History projects for the Fine Arts Center’s Heritage Tea. As in the past, we will be researching their topics in the computer lab. We will be using Google Docs to help us withthe research and writing of this paper. Google has some exciting features that will make this so much easier for the children. 

One of these features is the portability of the students’ work. Google Docs is available on any internet connected computer. Students will be able to start working at school and pick up where they left off when they get home. Docs will save their work for them (So they can’t lose it!) and it will be available wherever they are when they log back in to Google. Students will not need to bring a flash drive to transfer their work between computers, nor will they need to email an attachment. 

Google Docs will make the students’ research much easier. They will be able collect data and pictures right from their document and can filter the images for usage rights so that their projects are copyright compliant. They will even be able to have Google cite these resources for them! 

Here is a link to a very short video explaining how these features will work:

Thank you!

Let's Celebrate the Season with the Chorus Kids!
Finally, the Chorus Kids Christmas Concert will be Thursday, Dec 4 at 6pm in the Multipurpose room.  Come join us as we celebrate the season!

100,000 Book Reading Challenge
The Kershaw County School District received grant funds from five businesses (Target, Walmart, Coca Cola, Carolina Motor Sports, and Central Carolina Technical College) in our community to support and encourage reading in the elementary grades.  The grant initiative is called the “100, 000 Book Reading Challenge”. Each elementary school student in the district is being challenged to read a minimum of 21 books during the 2014-2015 school year. Students who meet this 21 book challenge will be rewarded with a special lunch bag and sport cup which reads “I met the 100,000 book reading challenge!”

The following art students have their work on display at the Kershaw County School District Office:

Kendall Battle
Kendall Reese
Mary Ashton Banks
Slade Funderburk
Annah Lewis
Brie Cook
Caroline Kornegay
Max Clyburn

We are proud of these students!

Relay for Life Hat Days
We raised $170 during our October Hat Days for Relay for Life. 

Way to go, CES!

ID Required for Visitors
Our new ID system is up and running and you are now required to present a drivers’ license or other state issued ID to sign in as a visitor.  The ID card is scanned and the visitor’s pass is printed.  This is required of all parents, volunteers and non-district employees.  As with any new system, there may be some kinks and we appreciate your patience as we work through them.


CES Wins Arts Grant!
We have been awarded the Distinguished Arts Planning  (DAP) grant from the SC Dept of Education, again this year!   Part of these funds will go to Professional Development for teachers and two week-long residencies with a Dance and Theatre artist.  If you would like to be a part of the grant steering committee, please contact Mrs. McDonald at  Creativity abounds at CESCA!



Library Schedule
Monday through Friday 7:15-3:00
Please check the school calendar or the calendar posted outside the library for monthly afternoon closings for meetings.
If the library needs to be closed on days other than those indicated, a red sign will be placed on the entrance door.
Birthday Book Club!
Thank you to all the students who donated books through our Birthday Book Club!
Over 50 brand new books were donated!
These students will be the first to check out the book they've donated which includes a special bookplate to recognize the student who donated it.
We will be calling all students who have not yet been recognized to our morning show, WISE TV, over the next couple of weeks for recognition and to check out the book he/she donated.
Accelerated Reader
AR is now up and running!
If you have books at home and would like to know if they have an AR quiz, please go to the Library page on our school homepage and click "AR Bookfinder." This site lists every AR quiz ever created. If the quiz is in their list, it's available at our school.

Wall of Heroes
Please allow your child to participate in our Wall of Heroes to honor those who are serving or have served our country. Please be sure you write your child’s name, teacher’s name, and the soldier’s name on back of your photo.  The soldier does not have to be in uniform and does not have to be a relative. We suggest you send a copy of the original, but please send a note with the photograph if you want us to make a copy and send the original home. You may send more than one photograph.  Help us cover our wall this year and show our students we support those who have sacrificed so much for us.

Shoeboxes for Soldiers
Once again, we are collecting items to send to our military serving out of the country.  If you know of someone serving, please let your child’s teacher know!  Your teacher will be sending home more information this week. Students will present these boxes on stage during our Veterans Day Program on November 10, 2014.  We hope everyone will be able to attend this very special program.


Perfect PASS!!!
Congratulations to Olivia Bishop and Miguel Davila for their perfect pass scores on last year’s ELA test!  That is quite the accomplishment that only 5 other fourth graders in the district achieved.  We also extend congratulations to their ELA teachers, Ms. Darlene Cantey and Ms. Jennifer Ellis for the excellent job they also did last year.

From the Nurse
Welcome back to the 14-15 school year!  What an exciting time with fall on its way and all the other holidays that are quickly approaching. I just wanted to take a minute to remind you of a few things to get us off to a great start.

Small Talk with the Principal Highlights!
Our first Small Talk with the Principal was held on Wednesday, September 17th and was a great success!  We had a group of approximately fifteen parents who came and shared concerns, asked questions and offered praise for teachers and the school. A great suggestion was made at the end of the meeting that it might be a good idea to share some of the topics that were discussed with other parents in the school.  So here are the highlights!


Its Not Too Late
CEP/PTO has partnered with Charleston Wrap for our major fundraising campaign this year. There are over 500 high quality items to choose from and every purchase you make earns much needed money for our school. Simply click the link above or go to to shop. All items purchased will ship directly to you and there is free shipping on all orders over $75.

First, register your student and a six digit code will be automatically generated for your student to earn prizes during our fundraising campaign. Then click on the “SHOP NOW” button that will take you to the “Choose how you would like to Assign Credit and Shop” section. If you wish to assign credit to your student, enter the six digit student code in to the ”Student & School Credit” section. If you don’t want to assign credit to a particular student, simply enter our school’s four digit ID in the “School Credit Only” section, and CES will earn credit from your purchases. You can even support the school year-round after the sale is over by simply using the four digit school ID. Our school’s four digit ID is 5936.

United Way
Thanks to our Camden Elementary School students and families for helping us raise $1565.90 for United Way in such a short time.  I'm sure it was not easy, since it was the first week of school, but we did it.  We always enjoy assisting Camden High School Bulldogs in their race against Lugoff High School Demons.  Remember, Go Dogs!

Counselor's Corner
Try some of these suggestions to reduce homework headaches:
¨ Let your child know homework is a top priority
¨ Set up a specific time for homework and keep distractions to a minimum
¨ Pick a quiet study area with supplies such as paper and pencils nearby.
¨ Review homework directions with your child
¨ Be available for questions, but allow your child to be responsible for their own work.
¨ Look over finished assignments to see that the work has been completed.

Welcome to Our New Staff!
We are very excited to welcome our new staff to Camden Elementary! They are an enthusiastic group and they are excited to be working with your children this year! I hope you will take the time to meet:

Ms. Allison Newman our reading interventionist from Horry County, but a Kershaw County native.

Ms. Jennifer LeGault, SEAGUL from Richland 2, and also a Kershaw County resident.

Ms. Katie Sullivan, first grade, coming from Charleston, but previously a Kershaw County resident.

Ms. Christen Butler, second grade from Russellville, Kentucky.

Ms. Rebekah Branham, second grade from Lancaster County, and a Kershaw County resident.

Ms. Tristany Horton, fourth grade teacher from Columbia, SC.

Ms. Tara Miyasaki, the art teacher from Darlington County and also a Kershaw County resident.

Ms. Jacobia Adamson, has been with us for many years as a substitute and also one of the leaders in the afterschool PEP program. She will now be a fulltime teaching assistant in Ms. Horton’s kindergarten class.

Helpful Reminders
Every minute of instructional time is precious to our teachers! They start their morning work at 7:30 each day and teach up to the end of the school day. Keeping this in mind, it would greatly help all of us if you would keep the following points in mind:

Please make every effort to get your child(ren) to school on time each day. Students who come in late to school tend to disturb instruction which is already taking place in the classroom.

We understand that mornings are busy, but it would greatly help us, if you could limit the items that are brought to school after the school day has begun. Some of the items include snacks, books, money, lunches, etc. We have to interrupt class for your child to come to the office to pick up these items.

Unless it is an emergency, please do not ask that your child be dismissed from school early. We understand that sometimes doctor or other appointments, have to be scheduled, but please try to schedule all appointments after the school day. Again, teachers are teaching to the end of the school day.

Safety Concerns
For the safety of all our children and parents, we ask that you watch for them as they cross the school driveway in the mornings.  Many of our parents are parking in the church lot and walking their children to the school’s front door.  Please do not attempt to make a left turn through the orange cones into our lot, and the church parking lot should not be used as a cut-through to advance position in the car line.  Both of these moves are dangerous and we have had some near misses both to vehicles and pedestrians.  We understand the drop-off and pick-up lines can be frustrating at times, but, for the safety of everyone involved, please follow the rules.

Teacher of the Year
CONGRATULATIONS to Ms. Valerie West, Camden Elementary School’s 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year! Ms. West is a third grade teacher. She has been teaching a total of twelve years and has been at CES for the last four. We are so proud to have Ms. West on our staff and represent us as our Teacher of the Year!

Notes to Parents
Class begins at 7:30am. Please have your child at school on time. It is disruptive to the class to have students arriving later than 7:30am. If it is necessary for your child to be tardy, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to come to the office and sign them in.

If your child needs to be dismissed early from school, please make arrangements to sign your child out by 2pm. Dismissal is a very hectic time.

If you need to change transportation from school for your child, please send a note indicating the change with a parent/guardian signature to the homeroom teacher in advance.

Thank you.

From the Assistant Principal

Norton's Notes
Happy Autumn!!  We have had a wonderful first nine weeks, and we are well on our way for a fabulous second!!  We appreciate all of the hard work from our students and teachers each and every day!  We are so blessed to have so many volunteers that offer a helping hand.  A very special thank you to all of the volunteers that helped us for second grade testing.  You make testing go so smoothly! 


Golf Tournament

Thank You, Golf Sponsors!
We would like to say thank you to the following businesses and individuals for sponsoring our golf tournament last month:
  • Accuride Corp
  • Allstaff Employment & Occupational Health Services
  • Bob M. Cook, Attorney at Law, LLC
  • Bojangles
  • Camden IGA
  • Camden Optical Shop
  • Camden Radiology, LLC
  • Cantey, Tiller, Pierce & Green, LLP
  • Cassidy Allstate
  • Cassidy Grandparents
  • Catoe Family
  • Davis Green Family
  • Denton Builders
  • Elite Sports
  • Everyday Gourmet
  • First Palmetto
  • Ginza Express Hibachi
  • Golden Gate Mortgage
  • Greenway Family
  • Grumbach Family
  • Guild Mortgage
  • Horton Tire Company
  • Kona Ice
  • Lackey Survey
  • Mac's Auto Sales
  • McKittrick Lumber
  • Modern Turf
  • Mommy-Wise
  • Mrs. Borowski's Class
  • Old South & Catery, LLC
  • Radiate Technologies
  • Rep. Laurie Slade Funderburk
  • Robert Stuckless Painting Contractor
  • Roberts Family
  • Rock-Ye-Tops Granite & Marble
  • Sanders Paint & Collision
  • Sentinel Opthalmology
  • Sheheen, Hancock & Godwin
  • Shirley Construction
  • Souminen Nonwovens
  • The Mouse Pad
  • Thompkins Family
  • Trey Cantey Agency, The
  • Turk Properties
  • Wateree Car Wash
  • Younghans Family

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